Sparking the "A Third of Us" Movement

Sparking the "A Third of Us" Movement

The project

A New Rallying Cry for the Unreached

We were honored to partner with the Alliance for the Unreached to bring a fresh look and a new rallying cry to the movement of organizations reaching unreached people groups.


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Through brand strategy, target audience research, end-user testing, and creative design we gave birth to the "A Third of Us" brand and symbol.

Immediately, this concept gained traction.

During the next annual "International Day for the Unreached", the A Third of Us brand had over 2.8 million impressions and over 1,000 social media posts using the #AThirdofUs hashtag.

In year 2 of our partnership, there were over 3.2 million impressions during the 2 months leading up to and containing International Day for the Unreached.

Results Included:

- Over 6 million total impressions generated

- Over 2,000 #AThirdofUs hashtag uses by end-users

- Doubled the email list in 3 months


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